Sunday, March 20, 2011


Hello everyone.

This is a new space for us to post ideas, concerns, and events for our actions on the Davis campus. My hope is that we can expand our membership and involvement amongst the graduate students so that we will be able to leverage our power more effectively in the future. As we work to reform our union, we must also keep in mind that our goal is not just a reformation of the union as it is, but greater awareness of issues surrounding public education. The union, and the eventual reform that we seek, is not just for the benefit of graduate students on the UC campuses, but a vessel for us to voice our support for issues that we hold near and dear, as well as issues that we oppose. If we can remain organized, then we have a chance to create a structure at Davis that will remain both active and alert. We must be active so that we can thwart policies that are dangerous to the welfare of graduate student employees, higher education, and fellow workers. We must remain alert so that we can mobilize quickly, efficiently, and forcefully in order to bring attention to issues that we have either failed to influence, or have been enacted outside our purview. My hope is that in the future we will be more active, because there will be no need to be so alert. Unfortunately, our current situation requires more vigilance than anything. With the erosion of workers rights coming thick and fast we must motivate ourselves to motivate others. If we can convince our colleagues that it is in their best interest to devote even a small amount of time and effort to the cause, then we will be able to disburse our efforts to much greater effect. I hope that we can gather here for information and support, so that we can somehow fit this massive task into our already unimaginably busy lives. Please post, comment, and invite others to join.

In Solidarity,


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